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And The Mountains Echoed

by Khaled Hosseini

From the author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns, a deeply moving new novel about how we love, how we take care of one another and how the choices we make resonate through generations.

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The Wall

by William Sutcliffe

The Wall is a novel about a boy who undertakes a short journey to another world, to a place where everything he knows about loyalty, identity and justice is turned upside down.

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We Need New Names

by NoViolet Bulawayo

Darling and her friends live in a shanty called Paradise, which of course is no such thing. It isn’t all bad, though...

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Zebra Crossing

by Meg Vandermerwe

Set in the underbelly of a pulsating Cape Town, Meg Vandermerwe’s Zebra Crossing is a bold, lyrical imagining of what it might feel like to live in another’s skin.

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Jackie Cameron Cooks at Home

By Jackie Cameron

With its generous invitation to good cooking that is easy and delectable this book is a must-have for every South African home cook.

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This Month's Highlights in Motivational and Business Books
Get That Feeling

Get That Feeling: The Story of a Serial Entrepreneur

By Ian Fuhr

R225.60 Usually despatched within 5-7 days

Upcoming entrepreneurs, as well as established business owners, will benefit from Fuhr’s prudence on management in a diverse and divided social environment, including the key learning messages: people, culture and service.

Stop Talking Start Doing

Stop Talking Start Doing

By Ted Shelton

Usually despatched within 14 - 21 days

"Stop Talking, Start Doing"is a short, clear and cleverly illustrated book that will inspire you to take action. Whatever you want to achieve, this is the kick in the pants you need to get to where you truly want to be.

Other hot picks in Motivational and Business Books

Sell Well: How to Nail Every Sale, Every Time

By Clive Gibson

The Five-Minute MBA

By Wayne Brown

The Millionaire Portfolio: Your Guide to Making Money on the Stock Market

By Jacques Magliolo

The Org: How the Office Really Works

By Ray Fisman and Tim Sullivan

This Month's Highlights in Non-Fiction and General Books
Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Capital in the Twenty-First Century

By Thomas Piketty

Usually despatched within 5 - 7 days

A work of extraordinary ambition, originality, and rigor, Capital in the Twenty-First Century "reorients our understanding of economic history and confronts us with sobering lessons for today.

The Race That Measures It All

The Race That Measures It All

By Neil Fourie

Usually despatched within 5 - 7 days
This book is a poignantly personal tale of two brothers’ journeys to becoming some of the youngest participants to race and finish the ABSA Cape Epic, after suffering life threatening accidents.  
Other hot picks in Fiction

Call It Like It Is: The Jonathan Kaplan Story

By Jonathan Kaplan; Mike Behr

Gourmet Safari

By Donovan Van Staden

From Drab to Fab: Craft Techniques to Turn Unwanted Items into Stylish Decor

By Almie Louis

This Month's Highlights in Fiction
Garden of Dreams

Garden of Dreams

By Melissa Siebert

Usually despatched within 5 - 7 days

In this evocative coming-of-age saga, a boy's quest to reunite his family collides with the bittersweet realisation that he cannot remain in the garden of dreams forever, and that a broader, bolder life is impossible without accepting the world as an imperfect place.

The Bird Skinner

The Bird Skinner

By Alice Greenway

Usually despatched within 5 - 7 days
Slowly, and despite his efforts to resist, Jim discovers that this young woman is a balm; that there is pleasure as well as sorrow in friendship, and in the memories of a life punctuated by adventure, love and war. 
Other hot picks in Fiction

Em and the Big Hoom

By Jerry Pinto

Never Go Back (Jack Reacher 18)

By Lee Child

The Kill List

By Frederick Forsyth

This Month's Highlights in Children's Books
Jojo's Wire Car

Jojo's Wire Car

By Veronica Lamond

Usually despatched within 5-7 days

Beautifully illustrated and with a heart-warming story, this African-flavour book will appeal to a wide range of children. With its colourful, evocative drawings, this book will have young readers sharing in Jojo's plight – and rejoicing in the happy ending.


The Child's Elephant

The Child's Elephant 

By Rachel Campbell-Johnston

R173.90 Usually despatched within 5-7 days

When a baby elephant is left orphaned on the African savannah, Bat, a young herdsboy, takes her home and cares for her.

Other hot picks in Children's Books

Warp: The Reluctant Assassin

By Eoin Colfer

The Originals

By Cat Patrick

The Oathbreaker's Shadow

By Amy McCulloch

Doll Bones

By Holly Black

Afrikaanse Boeke
Goeiemore, Mnr Mandela 

Goeiemore, Mnr Mandela

Deur Zelda la Grange

R277.30 Usually despatched within 5-7 days

Goeiemôre, mnr Mandela vertel die uitsonderlike verhaal van hoe Zelda la Grange se lewe, oortuigings en vooroordele omvergewerp word deur die grootste staatsman van ons tyd.

Die Engel en die Bontbees 

Die Engel en die Bont Bees

Deur Johnita le Roux

R225.60 Usually despatched within 5-7 days
Soos die Oranjerivier in vloed edelgesteentes saamspoel, raak Susara se verhaal met Magrieta s’n vervleg en word dit ’n reis na kennis van die mistieke, die self en lotsver­bondenheid in Afrika.

Other hot picks in Afrikaans books


Deur Leon van Nierop

Ag, Ma, Whatever! Selfone, Neusringe en ander Tienerkwessies

Deur Linda Friedland

Onpeilbare Vreemdeling

Deur Dina Botha

Elize Parker Omnibus

Deur Elize Parker

This Month's Highlights in Audio Books
Finding Your Element

Finding Your Element: How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life

By Ken Robinson, Lou Aronica

R446.50 Usually despatched within 21-35 days

Sir Ken Robinson's groundbreaking book The Element introduced listeners to a new concept of self-fulfillment through the convergence of natural talents and personal passions. The Element has inspired people all over the world and has created for Robinson an intensely devoted following. Now comes the long-awaited companion, the practical guide that helps people find their own Element.

Work With Me

Work With Me: The 8 Blind Spots Between Men and Women in Business

By Barbara Annis, John Gray, Kirsten Potter

R446.50 Usually despatched within 21-35 days 

Listeners will discover the Eight Gender Blind Spots, the false assumptions and opinions men and women have of each other, and in many ways, believe of themselves. Through research, science, and stories, Annis and Gray expose the blind spots that cause our misunderstandings, miscommunications, mistrust, resentment, and frustrations at work.

Other hot picks in Audio Books

The Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary Diet-Free Way to Totally Transform Your Body

By John Gabriel, Jeffrey Kafer

The Wealth of Nations

By Adam Smith, Gildart Jackson

Getting Past Your Past: Take Control of Your Life with Self-help Techniques from EMDR Therapy

By Francine Shapiro, Karen White

The Essential Motivation Handbook 

By Leo Babauta, Eric Hamm

Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think

By S. Kotler, P.H. Diamandis, A. Morey